Thirteen B.S. Allegations against Obama

If you believe any of these things, you’ve been deluded by right-wing political hacks. It’s not just that these aren’t all true. It’s that none of them are true. The right-wingers work steadily to promote as many of these smears as they can, knowing that the quantity of them can be effective in turning people against Obama, even though the quality of the individual allegations is low.

1. He was born in Kenya.

2. He’s a socialist.

3. He’s a tyrant.

4. He’s a Muslim.

5. He’s a corrupt Chicago politician.

6. He can’t speak without a teleprompter.

7. He’s hostile to America.

8. He’s been on a spending spree.

9. He has hiked up taxes.

10. He’s a close friend of terrorists such as William Ayers.

11. His book Dreams from My Father was ghost-written by Ayers.

12. He pretends to be a miracle worker, which is preposterous, because not even a president can work miracles.

13. He doesn’t perform miracles, but he should, because that is what we expect of a president.

Fight the influence of b.s. like this. Be on the side of truth; the Republicans are not on that side.


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