Goofiness of Summer Camps

Steve Benen derides a Tea Party–directed summer camp in Florida. I think it’s too easy to poke fun at fun learning activities for children. The indoctrination techniques reported about at the Tampa camp aren’t unusual except in their focus on economic principles that aren’t readily applicable in the real world. Once you get kids to understand why communism is flawed and reckless monetary policy debases currency, they have to decide where communism and hyperinflation are in their world. They won’t necessarily believe these dangers lurk in the American Union today. No one’s going to stop them from buying their own bottle of bubble stuff if they have the paper currency to pay for it.

Sure, if you just want the kids trained in a line of plausible-sounding Tea Party rhetoric, this camp is a good start, but even Fox News doesn’t employ all that many people to spew this kind of stuff, so most of the kids will go on to develop more useful skills.


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