Sometimes a Person Is Supposed to Lie

Now it seems a good number of people are out there condemning Anthony Weiner for lying.

Lies always bother me some, and some lies bother me a lot. But how much a lie bothers me depends on who’s lying and what about. When an elected official lies about his own sex life, that bothers me very little. People generally avoid revealing details of their sexual behavior, and most people who have to face questions about their sexual behavior or even their sexual feelings will readily lie rather than embarrass themselves. That’s the way humans are.

People are supposed to lie about who they did something dirty with or thought something dirty about. I’m not saying it’s right. Honesty is the best policy. I am saying it is to be expected from most human beings, and people who depend on being respectable to keep their jobs sometimes are going to have an especially hard time being truthful. The stakes are way high for them.

So go on upholding virtue, you watchdogs, but lighten up with the denunciations of each and every lie. When you go over the top, you look like a political tool or someone with his own weird hangups.


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