Real Bicycle Commuting

Andrew Sullivan’s commenters are boldly saying a lot of things about bicycling to work that I don’t think are true, or aren’t as universally true as the commenters seem to think.

I actually ride my bike to and from work. For me, two miles takes between 10 and 15 minutes. It’s not a race or an aerobic exercise; it’s getting to work. The commenter who scoffed that he could go 15 miles in 1.5 hours on foot, even though he’s not much of a runner, is out of touch with reality. You need to be unusually fit and well trained to do that. Most people can make that speed on a bicycle pretty easily, but they’d have to exert themselves a lot to go much faster than that over a long haul.

Perhaps because I don’t take it as an athletic activity, my ride to work doesn’t make me sweaty or smelly. It’s slower than driving, but it’s faster than walking and about as fast as any public transit option available for my trip. It’s cheap, and parking is easy.


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