This Strauss-Kahn Guy, on the Other Hand

My previous post was about not jumping on public officials’ private sexual sins. Now Domique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF bigwig who has been locked up in Rykers awaiting charges of attempted rape, is another story.

I can still muster some sympathy. He knew what he liked and he was willing to make a grab for it. Many other men, famous or not, have behaved the same way. Maybe he believed the women he attacked wanted it. Maybe he’s known women who really did want it.

That kind of behavior is beyond the pale, though, in our society, and isn’t acceptable for any person who could be called a gentleman. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Back to John Ensign, he seems like he might just be a guy who wanted to fall in love with someone new, who would love him back. It’s pretty awkward for an elected official if an adulterous affair with a staffer comes out in public, and many would prefer not to vote for such a disgraced person, and he’ll have to be accountable to his spouse for any betrayal. I still say the general public can tolerate, and those who feel wronged can forgive the extramarital affair.

So there you go, Sen. Ensign! I’m giving you a break, and now you can say you’re not as bad as DSK


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