The Outrage about Ensign

I don’t know the legal import of all the reported evidence of Senator John Ensign’s actions to find a nice new job for the staffer who was the husband of Ensign’s mistress. Maybe Ensign’s guilty of a crime. I’m not saying he isn’t.

However, I am disgusted by the outpouring of judgmental outrage upon Ensign from people in the left blogosphere. A few years ago I was disgusted by the right wing’s howling for Bill Clinton’s hide over his improper conduct with Monica Lewinsky and his ensuing deceptions. To me, this is very much the same. If people can’t help but be curious about other people’s sex lives, that’s okay, but for the gawkers to try to make political hay out of these affairs is disgraceful.

Do I think these men are above the law? No. Rather, I think their sexual transgressions are beneath the level of political issues that the general public should be concerned about. The cover-up actions may in either case have been more or less unlawful, but the harmful effects don’t seem like much to me. They didn’t want embarrassing facts of their private lives to become public knowledge. I wouldn’t have wanted that either, if I were in their shoes; in fact, while not being in their shoes, I still didn’t want it. I didn’t want to hear about it.


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