I thought I was wisely diverting my sixth-grade son from the online world of role-playing games when I got him the Warhammer Battle for Skull Pass starter set and pledged to play it with him one night a week. No computer, no internet, just neat little figures on a tabletop, and you actually move them around with your hands, instead of pushing buttons.

On another front, I got an Xbox 360 for the house, as a venue for video games. This gives in to the allure of electronic entertainment, but it takes it off of my computer, and I hope it will not be as eye-warping as a hand-held game.

However approving my son was about these developments on Christmas Day, it did not take him long to find a new fascination on the Internet, the massively multiplayer role-playing game Runescape. He asked me to check it out, and I did, and I gave him the green light to play himself. He is demanding that I play it, too, and I have to say I am annoyed with this, but if he wants me to be involved, I guess that is a good thing. If he abandons Warhammer for this, though, I will be bummed.


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