Sure, OJ, Too

After so generously expressing compassion for corrupt politicians and child molesters, I challenged myself: what about OJ Simpson? He has been sent off for a few decades in prison, now, ostensibly for the armed assault where he demanded the return of some personal possessions, but really as a delayed punishment for the murders he committed years ago. Do I feel sorry for OJ?

Yes. I do. For one thing, I am not afraid of what he might do. I do not think he is dangerous. For another, he had a great escape. He was on the hook for murder, and he got loose. Think of the relief! Once you are acquitted, that is supposed to put you in the clear. He had a chance to make a clean break, maybe atone somehow, but then he had to be hounded and hated and reminded and hassled, everywhere.

It may have been no worse than he deserved, but might we all have been better off to leave him with some room and some peace?


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