Sorry for Blagojevich and Other Wretches

I feel sorry for Rod Blagojevich. At least, I am not as delighted with his arrest as a lot of other people whose comments I have read. He should not spend more than a year in prison.

I fell sorry for George Ryan, too. He should be let out of the penitentiary.

I also feel sorry for the weirdo who got schoolgirls to put on blindfolds and unwittingly perform what seem to have been simulated sex acts (or maybe they were actual sex acts; I think the evidence was not clear). They put him away for forty years. No doubt the guy deserves two years behind bars, and mandatory counseling and some careful monitoring, but he’s just a sociopathic, irresponsible, and reckless sex freak, not violent and with little prospect of ever being in a position to repeat his crime.

People like to come down hard on the sensational crimes by people they cannot relate to. So if you are a powerful official or just very weird and disgusting, justice is stacked against you.


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