Weblogs and Me

When I first started hearing about blogs, which ones was I hearing about? I think I first saw reference to The Daily Kos during the 2004 election campaign. What was I looking at before then? Swing State Project had me interested during that election season. I was listening to Air America, and they mentioned a lot of blogs, such as Eschaton and Talking Points Memo.

In 2000, I see I bookmarked a few election news and poll reporting sites, but these were not blogs. Also in the early 2000s, I spent a lot of time reading the Mechanical Investing board and other message boards at The Motley Fool, but those aren’t blogs either. Back in the 1990s, before the age of big-time blogs, I read a couple of Usenet groups, mostly about personal computers and especially the OS/2 operating system.

I probably found out about Andrew Sullivan by following links from one of The Daily Kos, Swing State Project, or MyDD. I am looking through Andrew’s archives now to see when I became a regular. I know I was aware of his switch from Time to The Atlantic (interesting to see that Ross Douthat was a Daily Dish contributor at Time, is that right?), but I don’t think I was a regular visitor until after The Atlantic picked him up. It looks like he only went to Time in January 2006, and then to The Atlantic in February 2007. So, I was pretty slow latching on to The Daily Dish, but now it is where I always start my daily reading.

Update: I think I should have said Douthat was a Daily Dish contributor before The Daily Dish hooked up with Time, not while it was there.


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