Nod to Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish has been a regular read for me for more than a year, I guess. He is a prolific blogger, which is a good way to keep people interested. He is a Catholic as I am, and an outspoken critic of George W. Bush’s politics and the war in Iraq. He was an enthusiastic endorser of Barack Obama for President. These are all sympathetic stances to me.

I do not want to look weak by admiring one blogger too much, but I am bound to derive some series of ideas from Sullivan, and I have to acknowledge him for being an influence.

One thing I have considered is how Andrew regularly talks about his personal life yet manages to avoid running down everyday routines or homey details. I should remember this. Readers are not going to love tales of my putting up curtain rods, going grocery shopping, or playing board games with the kids.


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